Guide stand made of CARBON by AGATHON AG

05. 01. 2010

Nonsense at the first sight? No! Thanks to its properties, CARBON is very suitable for producing plates and die sets.

With its stability, ability to absorb impacts and nearly zero thermal expansion it is designed for stamping precise stamped parts with thickness up to 0.8 mm. This application can be used mainly in high speed stamping of parts for the electrical industry. Stamping results in vibrating that influences, in case of small die clearances, service life of tools. With its properties, CARBON has circa twenty times higher ability to absorb such vibrating.

Another important property of CARBON is its stability if temperature changes. Heating of stamping tools results in changing dimensions of steel and aluminium plates which in turn results in changing die clearances leading to tools going blunt early.

The plates of CARBON do not nearly change their dimensions. For example, when temperature changes by 300 °C in case of plates of 500 mm length, their dimension changes only by 0.003 m. The plates are mass-produced with thickness of 32, 40, 46, 52, 60, 80 mm; other dimensions are available upon inquiring. The surface of plates can be ground or stamped, their circumference can be milled or cut. The maximal dimensions of the die set are 2500 x 1500 x 500 mm. The die set is made based on the customer’s requirement and equipped with the rolling guide elements AGATHON.

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